Laminate and Real wood flooring

The perfect solution for high traffic areas

A wide range of wood flooring options

We offer a range of wood flooring options with the most popular in our range being laminate flooring. Laminates today come in a huge variety of colours and styles that will give your home that rich and beautiful look of wood, but at a much more reasonable price. Laminate flooring is made up of many layers with the top layer being a protective strip over the inner layer of decorative pattern and design. The lower layers are then made up of a high-density fibre (HDF) board, particle board or plastic finished with another malamine layer to add protection against water and improve durability and strength.



Alternatively we offer Engineered flooring which is constructed from several wood plies that are glued together. The centre core is generally a softer wood material and is used to make the tongue and groove. A hardwood finish layer is glued on top of the centre core and another softer wood ply is attached underneath the core. It is this construction method which gives engineered flooring it stability.

Solid wood

Solid wood floors are machined from one piece of timber and are available in a range of widths and thickness’s.

With all these choices available, wood flooring, be it natural or an alternative wood flooring, can provide a rustic, stylish but hard wearing flooring for both homes and commercial properties. 

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We offer a free professional estimating service to help you along the way. So from the cheapest carpet to the most expensive you get the same level of service you’d expect from a small family business every step of the way. At prices to beat any Superstore!!

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